YOU ARE FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LIFE!!"This above all, to refuse to be a victim. Unless I can do that I can do nothing."—Margaret Atwood


Something to really think about as we go through these unusual times!!HOW IMPORTANT IS IT?EnergyToday I will stop and ask, "How important is it?" When I find myself defending or trying to prove my point, I am in the process of learning to trust my own truth. When it feels...


TO THINK ABOUT "I feel my entire body unwinding and relaxing as I give up my resistance and struggle. Today I learn to accept life as it comes and learn to flow with it with peace. - Ruth Fishel" And how are you going to learn without a teacher?


When I saw the title of today's reading from Leo Booth, I wondered what the heck it had to do with life recovery.I've thought of a lot of positive words as I've been on this journey, but never considered myself "noble".In the context Booth refers to as being noble, then...