For whatever reason, I’m up way to early this morning. Woke up to -30 with the wind chill and not a cloud in the starry sky. As the freeze in the river accelerates, lots of groans and cracks coming from it.

If I can stay awake, the 7:40 sunrise will be brilliant!!The reading this morning is a good one for those truly not happy with they are in life. Following, I will make some comments that are heart felt BUT self-promoting,

New Beginnings

Resentments are the blocks that hold us back from loving others and ourselves. Resentments do not punish the other person; they punish us. They become barriers to feeling good and enjoying life. They prevent us from being in harmony with the world. Resentments are hardened chunks of anger. They loosen up and dissolve with forgiveness and letting go.Letting go of resentments does not mean we allow the other person to do anything to us that he or she wants. It means we accept what happened in the past, and we set boundaries for the future. We can let go of resentments and still have boundaries.We try to see the good in the person or the good that ultimately evolved from whatever incident we feel resentful about. We try to see our part.Then we put the incident to rest.Praying for those we resent helps. Asking our Higher Power to take our resentments from us helps too.What better way to begin a New Year than by cleaning the slate of the past, and entering this one free of resentments.Higher Power, help me become ready to let go of my resentments. Bring any resentment that is hidden within me, and blocking me, to the surface. Show me what I need to do to take care of my self by letting go of resentments, and then help me do that.
Coached To Success is my passion and I truly love working with others. It involves using a skill set that is different than the day to day me, a learned, professional approach used to guide others to find the life THEY want.Resentments are a factor with so many people that  I have worked with. As they take the journey of self-discovery, many are shocked by the long lingering resentments they have been harboring for decades, but have not been consciously aware of. Resentments hold us back from the life we want, particularly the ones we have pushed back deep into our psyche.As the reading says, resentments “become barriers to feeling good and enjoying life”. They take away the positive feelings that we need to have about our self and steal our serenity. So here comes 2020.Do you want a more internally satisfying life to dwell inside of you? SERENITY??If you do, and are prepared to put in the effort, find yourself a coach who knows what they are doing, has taken the journey of life transformation personally, and has the proven record of client success.Most coaches offer a free session to help you understand what to expect from personal coaching, and allow both parties to see if they are comfortable working with each other.I offer such a session through www.coached2success.com. I welcome you, at your leisure, to go into the site and browse. If you or someone in your life needs a little help to turn a corner, I welcome a note through the site!! For those who want it, the session is my gift!Today, we all have a choice, Why not elect, by the freedom given to you, to make this a great day and allow a little gratitude into your day for what you have been given!! luvKEITH BRAY
Master Certified Coach

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