Many people today are living a life with very little “light” in it.It seems one piece of bad news is followed by another during these times.From personal experience I can tell you there is a way out, and the way out involves getting some professional help to find “the light”If you want to know more contact me directly or check out http://www.coached2success.com. Taking action is difficult, but may show you the way out.I no longer want to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Today I take the time to slow down and examine the source of my difficulties so that I can move on a path with freedom. – Ruth Fishel

When we are in a state of confusion, it is hard to know what trouble is in our lives. It’s like being on a narrow path full of twigs, rocks, stumps, and holes on a black starless night. We keep tripping, stumbling and bumping into things. We get sore, cut and black and blue. And then we take another step and it happens over again. It will continue to happen until we shine a light on our path, see what needs to be cleared out and then fill up the potholes. When our actions keep causing us pain, it is time to stop and look within. It is time to shine a light on our character defects and change.

The clearer the path, the easier it is to see the holes in it. – Frank Seymore

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