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Getting tired of hearing about covid 19?

I certainly am.

To much nonsense, speculation, conjecture, negativity…… all the things we don’t need under current conditions in this world of ours. We all, including myself and excluding the heroes on the front line, have too much time on our hands.

As a person who likes to keep things simple, there are a few things I try to focus on. Act  AS IF is first and foremost. And note the following truism:

Freedom is the right to choose; the right to create for yourself the alternatives of choice. Without the exercise of choice, a man is not a man but a member, an instrument, a thing.

~Archibald MacLeish

First and foremost, let each and everyone of us act as if we were infected and that everyone outside of our housemates was infected!!

Mask or no mask, symptoms or no symptoms, to test or not test- these are all mute points IF WE STAY 2 METERS PLUS AWAY FROM ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!

It is universally accepted that the virus is transferred one to another either by direct contamination or contacting from an infected surface. Staying well distanced from each other and washing or disinfecting after touching any surface outside of your control will stop the spread. Period!

Keep abreast of news through sources you believe to be factual. Quit listening to conjecture and those who spout doom and gloom, no matter how well intended! You have the freedom to chose.

Take advantage of the time available to learn through online means, or read those books you have promised you would if you had the time! You now have it. Indulge in your hobbies, pastimes and friends and family. Spoil yourself and those you love.

Pay attention to your mental hygiene and daily balance. Eat properly, sleep properly, exercise, get some sunlight, keep in contact with others and don’t be afraid to reach out. A healthy routine is very important!!

If your starting to feel depressed or not feeling good about yourself, reach out quickly!

Watch that you do nothing to excess. If you have addictions or tendencies to do unhealthy things, EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION and ask for help quickly. Self honesty is of critical importance.

Isolate by distance, BUT DON’T SOCIALLY ISOLATE! Many require little encouragement to do this and it can be very dangerous in times like this.

If you have trouble with practising daily balance or want to really take the time to know who you are, email me at and I’ll gladly send you some guides to doing either or both.

But most of all, do the world a favour and ACT AS IF.

The sooner we all do this the sooner things will settle!! luv

Master Certified Coach

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