A THOUGHT Something I read this morning makes a lot of sense, particularly in these crazy times we live in.Yes, addictions have increased during covid, but don’t focus on addiction unless it applies! Through the past year, the practice of good mental hygiene has slipped, and far too many fail to see it! Time for a little action on the issue??It got to the point that I felt even my own shadow was against me.~Anonymous Often during our active addiction, we trusted no one. We felt everyone was out to get us, out to cheat us. We became the kings and queens of self-pity. The reality was, we were being cheated, but not by others. An illness called addiction cheated us out of our dignity and integrity. It brought out the worst in us. It was very unpleasant, and we became very unpleasant to be around. Recovery asks us to step past the blaming and self-pity, and see our illness as the cheat. We do inventories in order to see past the denial and see the values we believe in. We work to better ourselves in order to have a pleasant life and be pleasant people. We stop seeing ourselves as entitled. Instead we see what needs to be done.

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