The “thought” this morning is very interesting.I love the point made, you don’t have to be blind not to see.I can speak for myself, and hundreds of others I have worked with; we often need trained help for us to see properly. Trained help is what a coach is! The essence of coaching.Tough for a lot of pig headed. stubborn people to get their head around. They will take “I can do it myself” to their grave, and not with inner serenity! They chose to live a life with no inner peace.
“The darkness was encumbering only because I relied upon my sight for everything I did, not knowing that another way was to let power be the guide.”–Carlos CastanedaWe don’t need to be blind in order not to see. Remember how long it took for us to “see” our life issues? Remember how the blindfold of denial kept us from seeing the reality of our lives? But it took a person or people to help us “see” our way into a life of recovery. And now that we have made a decision to address our internal issues, we still need others to guide us in our recovery. Sometimes pride gets in the way and tells us we can do it alone, yet those are the times when we stumble and fall. Perhaps today was a day when we refused the guidance of others. We may have felt we were strong enough to “go it alone.” But we will feel the effects of such blind groupings if we don’t remember that we need others. Just as the blind person has a cane or a companion or an animal for guidance, so must we rely upon the power of the coach and our Higher Power to help us “see” our way.Have I been blind to the help offered by others? Can I ask for help to “see”? You are reading from the book:Night Light by Amy E. Dean

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