It is interesting times we live in!I can honestly say that never in my life did I think I would live through and witness a health pandemic. Never did I think I’d see the USA go through such extreme divisiveness and unrest, and more.With lockdown and other measures that all of us are facing, we must remember there is one thing that we do have control over and can be a game changer.OUR ATTITUDE. Need help in adjusting yours? Let’s talk!

Attitude is everything!

Today will be what we make it. Regardless of the weather, the kinds of work to be done, the personalities crossing our paths, we’ll feel joy and peace if that is our choice.

Agonizing over circumstances that aren’t to our liking or dwelling on our failure to control other people, whether friends or foes, has robbed us of the happiness that is always ours to experience. Depression, anger, fear, and frustration shadowed our steps because we didn’t take control of the only thing that’s ever been in our control absolutely—attitude.

It’s so easy to blame others for every wrinkle in our lives. But as we grow accustomed to the idea of taking full responsibility for how we think and feel, we’ll be empowered. No longer will our sense of self feel diminished. And, as Abraham Lincoln is credited with saying, we will be just as happy as we make up our minds to be.

Nobody can mess with my attitude but me!

Master Certified Coach

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