Always a topic worth giving some thought to. BALANCEMany of us have gone through some life changing experiences, for some it might even be getting totally immersed in their work, for others it might even be getting overly involved in an ongoing drama called life, often the lives of others.Balance in life involves a lot of things every day, including spiritual time, eating properly, proper rest, exercise, consuming enough water and more. One of the things that can be easily overlooked in your serious life is play (and laughter).Every day, take some time to play. Today’s Thought addresses this topic quite well.My play time often involves golf. I hope that I never start to take this fun time, although it sometimes frustrates me, too seriously. This is a reminder to self!Friday is here. Let’s all choose to make it a fun Friday! luv:Finding balanceLet’s not forget to play. Our new way of life is a serious matter, but it is not intended as a punishment; nor do we need to repent and suffer for the rest of our lives. Our new way of life is intended to produce growth.But growth takes work. And work needs play for balance. If we forget to play and be joyful, our life will become unbalanced and we will suffer needlessly.Have I found some balance in my life?Higher Power, help me remember that all living things need balance: let me laugh, let me play, let me grow.You are reading from the book:Day by Day – Second Edition by Anonymous

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