For those of you stuck in a bad place in life, change is just a word, at best, an ideal.
For those who really want it, CHANGE is an action word.
Some things you can change of your own.
To recover a life that you want and deserve requires courage, action and most of all help and direction. In other words
, it requires coaching.
You have the answers and ability, you must be coached to bring out the best in you.
This is echoed by nearly every successful athlete and business person (coach/mentor) that you see or here.
Today I received this reading on change.
It contains the word God. To me, the word GOD signifies good orderly direction and does not have any religious connotation, although those with religious beliefs do have a leg up.
If we are at an unhappy stuck point in our lives, we must realize that in this world there is something smarter and more powerful than “I”, and we must gain a trust in this source of new power.
Coached2Success uses this principal as a foundation in helping clients find a me and life which is a happy place.
Want to explore this further, just get in touch with no fee or obligation!
“There is nothing permanent except change.” Heraclitus
I know I need to change. My past behaviors and attitudes were negative and destructive. Today I choose to work on my addiction. I was changing before I embraced a spiritual program, but for the worse. Each day I grew more dependent, isolated, angry, and depressed. I felt I was a hopeless case! Now I am working on my anger and loneliness. I talk about my pain and distress. I express my resentments and fears-and life is getting better. God created the world in perpetual change, and I believe God may be discovered in that change. I am evolving into Truth with my steps toward recovery-this is my “Yes” to God.
In the daily changes I discover Your stability.
KEITH BRAY Master Certified Coach
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