Over the last few months, I have found myself in a state of lethargy. Not depressed, just lethargic.
Between health issues and a healthy respect for Covid 19, I have not been active and I need change!
How many of you have found yourself in the same mental state.
Today, the article below as well as moving a couple of projects has spurred me into some action as has talking with my coach!
Nothing will change unless something changes. I know that from my own experience as well as working as a change agent (coach).
What has to change is ME! and i have taken action.
Nothing stays the same. Life is an ongoing dance. -Leo Booth
I read somewhere that if we keep doing the same thing, then we will keep getting the same results. If we think the same things, then we will keep creating the same outcomes. If we keep saying the same things, then we will keep getting the same response. Change! And the results are different. It seems so simple. Maybe it is. Perhaps we go into the process of change saying or thinking that it is going to be difficult. But if we realize that change is necessary, and it is in our own interest, then the process becomes more acceptable. What we say we will eventually believe. I believe that change is necessary for my spiritual growth.
I joyously embrace the concept of change.
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