I have very few creative bones in my body. Not my long suit!However, Booth makes some statements in this reading about early religious upbringing that really hit home. I HAVE BECOME A STRONG BELIEVER IN COCREATION. We create very little of importance in a vacuum! This is my belief, maybe not shared by you. Great things and great change are brought about through co-creation, NOT self-creation.As the lead quote says, the best way to predict the future is to create it. And I submit you DO NOT create it in a void.My early experiences with religion are not positive memories.When I hit a big wall, I sought help.Initially the help was through a coach and advisor.As I was shown how to take inventory, learn to appreciate the good within and the true person I am, MY MIND OPENED.Over a period of time, I came to a point where I could feel and hear that small quiet voice within. I began to develop a spiritual component in my life and discovered there was a power much greater than me at work>Today, I receive a peacefulness that I had never known. Each day, things are created in my life that bring me peace and serenity for at least shorts periods, and I know these are co-created!!My spiritual life today has evolved to be a rock of my day to day life.It began to be created when I hit a wall and accepted I was very unhappy within my self, and got help. Human help helped lead me to a spiritual path, and it is a path I continually walk and with help, cocreate a good space within daily.As this world of ours continues to spin into new territory, remember you have the ability to make choices. You can get the help you need to co-create a positive day every day through exercising your choice to co-create it! luv


The best way to predict the future is to create it. -Author Unknown

For most of my childhood I received the religious message that if God wanted you to have something then he (God was always a “he” in those days) would make sure that you got it. Also, it followed, if you didn’t get something or have something in your life, it was because God didn’t want you to have it. If you wanted something very much, then it helped to pray in church, light a candle, or put some money in the collection box. Priests suggested that God is pleased by a healthy donation! I didn’t hear very much about creating what we wanted or needed in our own lives. The idea of “pray hard, but remember to move your feet!” was absent from my Sunday school. When I eventually heard the cocreation message (the concept of partnering with God to create what you want) at Unity of Christianity, it made so much sense; incidentally, it also made me successful. – Leo Booth

I am involved in my life and success.

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