It’s funny how this life can work!We walk around trying to be honest with others, yet we continually lie to ourselves.Now tell me good people, how can we be straight with others if we’re not straight with ourselves?If you really want to make major changes in your life, it all starts with you (and the mirror is a great barometer}.Are you ready to take a very positive step into recovery of a life you love??It all starts with your relationship with you!!A reading from friend Clint:Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others.—Fyodor DostoyevskyThe primary requirement for our recovery is honesty. In order to grow in honesty we first needed to see how we had lied to others and to ourselves. This was not as easy as it first appeared. Our lies to ourselves kept us so fully in the dark that we did not know we were lying. We sometimes told “sincere” lies because we honestly did not distinguish the truth within ourselves. For so long we had preferred dishonest rationalizations, and we had come to believe them.The spiritual life of your recovery of a serene hopeful life is based upon experience. What we feel, what we see and hear, is what we know. When we simplify our lives and base the truth upon our experiences, we slowly cleanse ourselves of the lies we told ourselves. With this kind of honesty comes an inner peace with ourselves in whom we can say, “I know myself.”Today, I will accept my experience as a simple message of truth.

Keith Bray

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