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  • Clinton M Hurdle <clint.hurdle@icloud.com>To:Clinton M HurdleFeb 8 at 9:54 AM

    Yesterday, we talked about the need to do a personal inventory to start your life transformation and get you on the road to recovering the life YOU want and deserve. Many who read it either poo pooed the idea, recoiled or found excuses as to why a personal inventory was not for them!!
    You are not alone in this. Most react in the same way and miss the opportunity to walk into light within. Again AA readings touch on this!
    Unusual warm weather run here in Ocklawaha, but we are choosing to really enjoy it. Being at peace within allows relaxed enjoyment!! So look at this reading, see if you can relate, and if you can, reach out for help!! Choices, choices.Another Excuse
    We also clutch at another wonderful excuse for avoiding an inventory.
    Our present anxieties and troubles, we cry, are caused by the behavior
    of other people—people who really need a moral inventory. We firmly
    believe that if only they’d treat us better, we’d be all right. Therefore we
    think our indignation is justified and reasonable—that our resentments
    are the “right kind.” We aren’t the guilty ones. They are!
    Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, (Step Four) pp. 45 – 46 Thought to Ponder
    Delay is the deadliest form of denial. .KEITH BRAY  Master Certified Coach  www.coached2success.com

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