Value of Experience
Henry Ford once made a wise remark to the effect that experience
is the thing of supreme value in life. That is true only if one is willing
to turn the past to good account. We grow by our willingness to face
and rectify errors and convert them into assets.
– Alcoholics Anonymous, (The Family Afterward) p. 124

Thought to Ponder
If you want to change who you are, change what you do.
When working with others, one of the basic foundations I use is that we all have a past, good and bad. To make changes, you must thoroughly understand your past, learn from it and understand exactly how your past has got to where your at today.
Life recovery is about a full comprehension of our past , learning from it, and cleaning up the past to allow forward positive growth.
In each of us, there is more good than bad to build on!! luv
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Master Certified Coach

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