FINDING YOUA nice day in Ocklawaha with a cold front set to move in! I will have to break out the long pants.The reading I enjoyed this morning talks directly to a topic that is the essence of what I try to Coach others to.Finding a self they can truly love!!Once a person gets progress in this area, other goals they want to achieve fall into place. If your self esteem is not good, life is very difficult!!Any time a reading comes up that I quote, when words such as spiritual and Higher Power come up, some people immediately think religion. I don’t have a religion, and learned to open my mind to concepts. The biggest thing I had to learn was Keith is not the center of the universe, nor is it his job to fix things.Think on that one!!Where the shoe fits, wake up!! Let’s start moving toward a real positive relationship with our self! There truly is a good person within each of us who deserves self love.Start the process on this Sunday by focusing on positives and using your power to choice to create a great day!! IIt does not happen all at once BUT WILL NEVER HAPPEN if you don’t take that first step and get a guide for your journey!!

It doesn’t happen all at once… You become. It takes a long time.

~Margery Williams

Our spiritual awakening is partly a process of becoming real. We’re moving from the external controls of image and others’ opinions to the internal controls of honesty, listening to our inner voice, and having true relationships. We are shedding the games that maintained our old style of life—”macho” or “hero” or “poor me.”

In place of the old phony surface, we are developing a real relationship with ourselves. We are becoming more aware—of emotions, of need for rest, of violations of our values. Sometimes change comes in a flash of insight or a moment of sudden, piercing awareness, but more often it comes a little bit at a time. As we work the Steps, as we are true to our inner voice, as we keep returning to conscious contact with our Higher Power, as we get closer to our friends, we become more real to ourselves.

As I grow, I see that I was always real. I was just looking at the outside.

KEITH BRAY  Master Certified Coach

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