Good Orderly Direction
Got a hang up with religion and cringe when you hear the word God?If you do, I can certainly relate.My coaching is based on one simple belief, that within each of us dwells a knowledge that there is something greater than ourselves in this universe. Call it whatever you want, for me it is my Higher Power. I seek Good Orderly Direction in my life, and today when I see the word GOD that is exactly what I think of: direction.I respect anyone’s beliefs and am glad that they get solace from their beliefs. I just ask that they not force them on me.I am thrilled, after horrible experiences with churches and religion, to have found contact with a power greater than me who, when I take time to listen, speaks to me within.Take quiet time, we all have that small quiet voice within us if we take the quiet time to listen!!All it takes is a realization there is something in this life bigger than you. Call it what  you want.The chosen reading hammers this home.Another beautiful day in Ocklawaha and I choose to max it. What are you doing with your Thursday??  luv

Fooling Ourselves
Actually we were fooling ourselves, for deep down in every man, woman,
and child, is the fundamental idea of God. It may be obscured by calamity,
by pomp, by worship of other things, but in some form or other it is there.
For faith in a Power greater than ourselves, and miraculous demonstrations
of that power in human lives, are facts as old as man himself.
Alcoholics Anonymous, (We Agnostics) p. 55

KEITH BRAY  Master Certified Coach

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