HAPPY VALENTINES FROM YOU TO YOU!Today is another Hall mark holiday where many run around wish love to one and all. Yes, there is an economic benefit to retail.For me, every day is Valentines. I married to a great lady, and treat her with love as best I can every day!To give her love and receive it in kind, I must have love for myself, love with humility and gratitude.We cannot give to or revived from others what we haven’t got for ourselves!!As well as other people. I treat myself with love and a measure of gratitude everyday. A lesson I wish I would have known much earlier in life!LOOK IN THE MIRROR, DO YOU LOVE THE PERSON REFLECTED IN IT? If so, wish them a happy Valentines.IF NOT, TIME TO DO SOME WORK ON YOU!!

Self-love is not opposed to the love of other people. You cannot really love yourself and do yourself a favor without doing other people a favor, and vice versa.~Dr. Karl Menninger

Self-love is not the same thing as egotism. As recovering people, we hated ourselves for so long that we were crippled by it. Learning to love ourselves again becomes a form of therapy—and appreciation for God’s creation. And the delightful thing we learn is that we don’t love ourselves without loving others, and we can’t love others without loving ourselves. How wonderful!

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