HUMILITY-a misunderstood word

HUMILITY is a word that for years I misunderstood. I related it to humiliation and eating humble pie! Not positives.
Read on and see if you get a better grasp on the real meaning.
To live with humility, you must do the work needed to get right with you and really learn to enjoy the person you see in the mirror
This is the point I start with in my coaching.
There is very little chance you will achieve your goals in any meaningful way without healthy self love, and if you don’t love yourself, HUMILITY is out of reach.
In these times we are currently experiencing, are you feeling a little down about life in general? Easy to do.
Maybe it’s time to take guided action and find the love you want and to humbly enjoy it!! luv
Never underestimate your power to change yourself; never overestimate your power to change others. – H. Jackson Brown Jr.
In my early Christian years I thought that humility was about sacrificing myself to the needs of others, in some cases allowing them to take advantage of me. Then I discovered that the root meaning of the word “humility” is being of the earth . . . no better than another person but also no worse. Humility breeds a gentle confidence that always affords respect. With this new understanding of humility I’m able to slowly work on myself and, in the words of the Serenity Prayer, “change the things I can.” I also understand that there are many things I cannot change, and that includes you! Say Yes to Your Spirit affirms that I’m responsible for changing me.With advice and nurture, you are responsible for changing yourself.!

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