This is the universal cop out!
I can’t help it…that’s what we all say when we don’t want to exert ourselves.
~Eva Lathbury
So things not going your way? Not very happy? People around you irritating? And your mood and outlook not good?
Too many say “I can’t help it.” That’s the way things are.
I suggest that life is full of choices, and with few exceptions, you can help it.
With no religious connotation, remember that God helps those that help themselves. Simple fact!!
Is it time to reach out and get the help you need to get on to the path of the life you’ll love??
You can help it! Make the call.
Sunny Saturday morning in the Nation’s Capital. I like many, am feeling Covid fatigue and shake my head at the nonsense going on around us. I continually wonder why people can follow a few common sense guidelines out of respect for their fellow human being. In regards to the spread of Covid 19, as with so many things in life, YOU CAN HELP IT!! luv
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