How many can relate to the short article below? Personally, I can. Both the cause and effect.Low self-esteem drove me in many areas of life, and over achievement in several areas of my life was not satisfy, never enough!!Self-esteem is the key to having a life that satisfies you, and YOU ARE IMPORTANT.Generally, it is at the top of the list that gets addressed when I work with others.Way back, a personal coach helped me understand and find it!”Overachieving may be symptomatic.Suffering from low self-esteem is common. Some of it may be blamed on growing up in families affected by alcohol or other drugs. Perhaps the criticisms heaped on us at school or in a bad marriage triggered it. We may have thousands of reasons for lacking a sense of our worth. The bottom line is, we were insecure and full of doubt—good breeding ground for the superstar achiever. Much good occasionally comes from low self-esteem. Working really hard, excelling in many extracurricular activities, being available when a favor is asked—these are common characteristics of people with low self-esteem.”

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