INNER EXCELLENCE- FINDING IT!!The reading from Leo Booth this morning is excellent!Funny, when they were growing up, I tried to instil the idea in my children’s minds that we didn’t care what role they choose in life, but whatever they choose, do it with excellence.Today, my beliefs remain the same. If it’s worth doing, do it to the best of your ability!!You can only do your best in life when you have great self respect. A simple truth which Booth reinforces!!Read the article and see how it relates to you. Try to be honest with yourself!Not comfortable after reading? ” It will take effort, possibly therapy”, and to be able to use your inner excellence, the help is available. It takes courage to ask for it!!Beautiful sunrise this morning. Clear, cool and crisp in Ocklawaha! A day to make excellent by choice. I hope you choose a great day just for you!! luvExcellence

Whatever you are, be a good one. Abraham Lincoln

The world is made up of a variety of people with a variety of gifts and cultural insights. Say Yes to Your Spirit celebrates this God-given fact of life. I suppose that the reason some people are not able to celebrate who they are or what they are is because of a commingling of guilt and shame. This is the reason that so many of my readers are in, what is politely called, “recovery.” They are healing, on a daily basis, from something or someone who created their low self-esteem. As a result, what Abraham Lincoln said in the quote is easier said than realized. It will take effort, possibly therapy, and an understanding of spirituality that proclaims a God who is involved in our lives to be the best that we can be. Excellence in living can only come when we respect and love ourselves and others.

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KEITH BRAY   Master Certified Coach

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