Hope the Christmas/Holiday period was good to you and if it was less than happy, you enter a new year ready to love and change you!!

Often I’ve heard others make the statement that they tried to make their outside appearance look like they thought the “insides” of others would be like.

This is a real example of trying to change the outside world instead of addressing the real issue; the world inside of you!For too long I tried my best to observe others who lived a life I respected and wanted to have. I tried to imagine how they felt and saw things and did my best to act like them.Because I did nothing to change my insides, the feelings inside didn’t change although my acting did fool a majority of those I came into contact with.When I finally had had enough of internal unhappiness and self loathing, I look for help. I lucked into a coach named Mike who I listened to, went through his questions that forced me to look at me, and at his suggestion after I learned to trust him, I entered into this journey called life recovery and over time, my inner feelings we transformed.It came with hard work and pain as I worked through things under Mike’s coaching, but work it did!!Today I can face the challenges of MY life and take constructive action, My focus is on keeping my side of the street clean. I know I have the ability to coach, NOT FIX, others along the journey if they really want it and are prepared to really get introduced to their real selves.Along with the transformation life recovery brings, I really have learned that I have choice every day. Things around me do not always go according to plan nor are they always pretty!! Yet I have the tools to make every day at least decent by choice. We all have that choice inside of us. If you know you have it, use to create your own great day. If you don’t but really wanted, go get a coach or trusted mentor that can help you discover how to get there!!  Let’s have OUR outsides truly reflect OUR insides!! luv
“…there are two entirely opposite attitudes possible in facing the problems of one’s life. One, to try and change the external world, the other, to try and change oneself.” ~Joanna Field

Master Certified Coach

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