MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Each of you hold a special place in my circle, and I wish you a wonderful day and hopefully with some time for peaceful introspection.How you feel about you and treat yourself generates how you treat others and the world around you.Today’s reading is a gift which I hope you read and take to heart!!The best gift you can give yourself today is a big dose of self-love and a day done with an attitude of gratitude!! Again MERRY CHRISTMAS and luv
To Thine Own Self Be True 
A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval. —Mark Twain  It is hard for many of us to learn to admit the wrongs we do. We have followed lifestyles that led us away from recognizing our true feelings. Remnants of this blindness continue into our recovery. In this quiet time we can deepen and nourish a relationship with ourselves. Facing our disapproval and admitting it lead us to comfort and self-respect. Right now we can ask ourselves, “What messages do I receive from myself? What is my Higher Power telling me? Do I sense some gut feeling? Am I true to my relationships with loved ones? Have I been open to the feelings of my spouse? Of my friends? Of my boss? Do I owe anyone an apology which I can promptly make?”Some of us indulge in worry, fear, and anger beyond a useful or meaningful point. What can we do about these excesses of feeling? First, we admit them to ourselves and to others. Then, we trust our Higher Power for the outcome, and they will fall away.Today, I will nourish a relationship with myself by facing my own disapproval and growing toward greater comfort. From Touchstones: A Book of Daily Meditations for Men ©KEITH BRAY
Master Certified Coach

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