Judgement and Self-Esteem

Judgement and Self-Esteem
Every now and again, a reading comes along that is so on point or supportive of what I consider to be the key to contented living.This morning, such a reading came along!!A defect that I constantly work on and as we go through the current stressful and boring times I am seeing more and more in social media and other formats, is being JUDGEMENTAL of others.Look with an open mind at the criticism being levelled at others currently.I have to remind myself that if I am pointing one finger at you, there are three pointing back at me.And when I find myself doing it, I know my own self esteem is down, that in judging others I’m really judging myself and at times acting insecure, and it’s time to work on myself!There is a guided way to do this self-examination of self, and once the major work is done, there are skills you acquire to see things happening within and rectifying the issue before you slid back.For me, it starts with a mini self-examination and a deep journey into gratitude.This self-esteem thing is really a killer when you allow it to get low.I needed help to get out of the dark hole and work very hard to stay out.Like all, I am looking forward to the resumption of activities outside of my own home. But I realise despite the horrors occurring in this world and people being hurt, this is a very limited realm within my control.My own practise of good mental hygiene is within my control and a part of it is to minimise judgement of  others, and when I’m quick to judge, to look within!Make today, by choice, a positive day and take some time to love the wonderful person you are!! luv


Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? – Jesus (Matthew 7:3)

It is so easy to judge other people. I’ve been working on that character defect for years. However, when I get angry in my judgments of others it is usually because something is too close to home. I’ve been doing some serious work on myself lately. I’m especially attentive to examining my personal character defects. I write about them and see them for what they are-in a word, “insecurity.” Slowly I’m beginning to heal. I’m also discovering as I do this work on myself that I’m less judgmental toward others. And I’m a happier person.

I belive that only when I can remove the specks that are in my own eye will I be able to love you.

KEITH BRAY  Master Certified Coach   www.coached2success.com

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