Another way to phrase my favourite theme. YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CAN TRULY LOVE!As we face a crisis that grows by the day, most of us have more quiet reflective time. I can see by following social media, many are not that comfortable in their own skin and are fighting boredom and depression.If that is you, would you like to do something about it but don’t know where to start>I can coach you through the turn around journey!” Because we feel so unsure of who we are, we cannot let go and be spontaneous, be real.”A line from the reading that you may be able to relate to.If you want to address this issue, and are prepared to be honest with yourself, email me at khbray@rogers.com and in the subject line put Work Sheets.I will send you a tough exercise in self-discovery. You can do the work entirely on your own and I will NOT follow-up. If you want some help afterwards, I am available through email and deal with clients through phone or Skype only.Consider this people, you can’t give to others what you don’t truly give to yourself!Today, I will remain in quarantine to do my part in helping the world reach what I hope will be a new norm, a world in which we are kinder and gentler to each other. I watch a limited amount of factual coverage knowing that there are limits that are within my control, and I pray every individual takes the situation seriously.Gratitude to all that are on the front lines and doing everything possible to keep those infected safe. It is troubling times we face, but with common sense and good mental hygiene practices we will emerge stronger!! luv

What I wanted
Was to be myself again.

~Sandra Hochman

When we lose faith in our feelings, we lose faith in ourselves and become outer-directed. We look to the world to tell us what to do and how to feel. We seek approval and love from others so we can prove to ourselves that we’re worthy. Paradoxically, to be outer-directed is to be self-absorbed. Because we feel so unsure of who we are, we cannot let go and be spontaneous, be real.

The task in recovery is to reclaim ourselves by becoming inner-directed. This means looking within for the direction we need. When we’re just learning to trust our feelings, this can be truly agonizing. It means trusting the reality of our needs and our right to express them. Only then can we find the faith in ourselves and in life that we have lacked.

To become inner-directed takes self-acceptance and self-love. It also takes time. But there is no real peace otherwise, for it is the only way to find ourselves.

I can be true to my own feelings. I am my own best teacher because I know what I truly need.

Master Certified Coach

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