KEY TO LOVEIt is certainly interesting times we are going through. Without inner peace, the time can be very difficult to live with.There is time for introspection, and if your not happy with the person inside, this is a golden opportunity to make change.The road to life recovery starts entirely with you. I have often said, without humble love and appreciation for self, it is impossible to have it for anyone else.Finding this inner love is your key to the future YOU want. It is a process I coach.The reading today is right on point.Please take some reflective time today and give this thought!There is global concern over what is happening around us. This slowing down of life gives a great opportunity for personal growth. Realise you can’t control what is going on outside of you but with constructive guidance, you can make positive change. Is there anything more important> And remember, if you act like a carrier and stay in your bubble, you are acting responsibly and you MUST create your own serenity in this day! luv

Loving others is directly proportional to how much we love ourselves. Do we really love ourselves? Do we forgive ourselves when we blatantly judge others or when we fail on the job or in a relationship? Expecting perfection of ourselves is setting a standard that is unachievable. To love means to accept ourselves wholly, failings and all. We can practice forgiving ourselves and others. Forgiving ourselves for our transgressions, regardless of what they are, will get easier with practice. Forgiving others will remove the barriers that separate us and prevent us from knowing love. Our Higher Power asks very little of us. Careers aren’t dictated. We can live almost anywhere we want. We may choose to have children or remain childless. All that’s really asked is that we live our lives with love in our hearts. Being willing to love ourselves helps us love others too. If I’m feeling hateful or judgmental toward someone today, I’m not loving myself either.

KEITH BRAY  Master Certified Coach

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