While we face the pandemic that is Covid19, opportunities for self-growth are given to us.I think the reality of the situation has hit most people I know and they are listening and trying to do the right think.I do know “This too shall pass” and pass much sooner if we apply common sense to our daily lives, Act as if you ARE infected and do not want to give to anyone else!The Jourard quote is worth reflecting on. If the shoe fits, take heed and take action. Reach outKnow-Thyself-And-Live When a man’s self is hidden from everybody else … it seems also to become hidden even from himself, and it permits disease and death to gnaw into his substance without his clear knowledge.—Sidney JourardA man’s recovery is in knowing himself honestly and learning to have loving relationships with others. Many of us have had close calls with death as the consequence of our addictions or codependency or other mentally unhealthy behaviours. We ignored the dangers in our lives and many of us neglected our health. We wore ourselves out and wasted our energies.Spiritual recovery and physical health go hand in hand. In recovery, moving toward fullness in life, our selves are returned to us. We leave behind our old learning and habits because they were lethal. We are becoming men who tune in to ourselves and to others around us. We are looking at ourselves and saying, “I’ll work with it!”I will not hide myself; I will continue to be open with myself and others.KEITH BRAY Master Certified Coach

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