What a great but simple Thought.I couldn’t agree more, a day without laughing is a day wasted. We are funny creatures, and to be able to laugh at self is a gift and a sign of growth.Anyone who plays golf, unless they make a living at it, must have the ability to giggle. Think of it, a bunch of old men running around a green pasture in short pants, and oh, some of those outfits!!Has been a wonderful Wednesday with several good laughs!! Hope you do the same today, and every day. luvThe most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed.–Sebastian R. N. ChamportWe are told that laughter is sunshine filling a room. And where there is laughter, there also is life. They say that people who laugh a lot live longer than do the sour-faced. When we laugh together, gratitude comes more easily, companionship thrives, and all praise is sincere. Laughter brings us joy that cannot be bought. Such joy is with us throughout each day. To hoard joy, to hide it away deep within us away from others, will make us lonely misers. We cannot buy or trade for joy, but we can give or receive it as a gift. Laughter’s joy celebrates the moment we are living right now. It is a gift we must share, or it will wither and die. Shared, it grows and thrives, and always returns to us when we need it most.

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