LEST WE FORGET-NOVEMBER 11I try to live a life full of gratitude on a daily basis. Better to focus on what I do have rather than what I don’t!I have freedom, and for that I am grateful!!Today is a day of extreme gratitude, a day to remember how and why we enjoy freedom.The great wars were global. Millions fought and shed their blood for what they believed in, and to all of them I am grateful.Particularly on this day I remember my grandfather Harry Bray and parents Harry S. and Peggy Bray. All now gone, three who died with permanent carry overs from the wars.My Grandfather fought in WW! in Europe. He was a victim of mustard gas. Following the war he dedicated his life to veteran’s affairs and disabilities. He also was a co-founder of the Canadian Legion.A major portion of his life was spent working out of Ottawa, criss- crossing our country by rail, adjudicating pensions for veterans and helping to put together legislation.My father joined the army when he was in Grade 13 in the artillery and rose to the rank of major. He fought in the defense of England and in Italy. While serving, he became inflicted with a permanent disability. My mother was a Brit, a war bride who served her country. Her primary job was recovering people, alive or dead, from the bombed buildings in London.She must have seen untold horrors, and had a major breakdown. The scars remained with her for a life time.My story in not unique.Today we remember what got us to the freedoms we enjoy today; not only in Canada but throughout the free world.Let’s remember, be grateful and not squander the things so much blood was shed for.November 11-Remembrance Day- Lest we forget.Take a few minutes today to reflect on the sacrifices that gave us freedom, and let’s not squander them!!

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