This is a good one for me today, and hopefully you’ll take the time to read the Thought, and reflect on how it fits with where you’re at.I’m well into what I refer to as the journey of life recovery. Most days I have no trouble doing my morning routine, and entering a new day with a positive outlook. I try to max out each and every day. Some days are high energy, others are lay low days meant for reflection and recharge, but I attempt to have positive growth each day and do loosely plan (not live) the future.The past can be an issue.Too often lately in one way shape or form I’m drawn into the past. It may be a word or deed from a loved one. it could be dealing with a bad situation directly related to past actions, but it is not a place I want to live in. What has happened has happened and AA’s Big Book aptly refers to it as the wreckage of the past.From my past (called history), I want to learn from the mistakes and not repeat them. There are so many good memories and some bad decisions, but all are now history and I hate going back and dwelling on the negatives.For me, it is a full time job to make today the best it can be, and learn from history and not repeat mistakes made as we plan forward.As I was once taught, “Laugh or Cry, the price is the same” and each day my first choice is laugh. It can be hard to do so some days!!”Every day is new – fresh and shimmering with possibilities.”This line from Today’s Thought is priceless. It behooves us all to commit it to memory, and even if you have to fake it, approach every day this way.Today, may I learn from the past but not relive it, and take advantage of the fresh shimmering possibilities it offers. Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate it this weekend. May you all take the time to be thankful for what you DO have, and make it a superb Thursday of your creation. Let’s burry the negatives of living in the past,; BUILD A BIG BOUNDARY FENCE!! luvThe program has given me the best days I’ve ever had. But thinking about all that lost time can still bring me down.–Jane S(KB: the program is the manner of healthy living we try to focus on with each of these thoughts)Telling the difference between yesterday, today, and tomorrow may be easy for most people, but it isn’t for many of us. Our past tends to overshadow both the present and the future. Until we learn to draw a line between then and now, the gloom of “what was” expands and spreads like noxious smoke or a sickening odor. “What can be” is blotted out.Where does yesterday end and today begin? For us, that may be the central recovery issue. Our battle is one of boundaries.No matter how spoiled the past may have been, our future is spotless. If, in our minds, we say good-bye to the past, we can begin writing a new story and painting a new picture.Every day is new – fresh and shimmering with possibilities. The future is a long string of such days. As our perception of time corrects itself, as we learn to accept the past and look forward to the future, we can focus on today and live it well.Today, I will see the bad days of the past as rotten apples. I will throw them out of my barrel to protect my new days.

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