There are many in this world who learned early in love to humbly love themselves!
I was not one of them. Are you??
This is a question that is worth giving deep thought to.
How do you react when someone gives you a compliment? Do you cringe a bit and know it is not really deserved? You feel strong emotions toward someone else, but somehow the feeling is not complete and you have trouble accepting someone could unconditionally love you. You have thoughts like “if they only really knew me they wouldn’t like me”.
This type of thinking, and similar thoughts, occurs in more people than you would think. Are you one of them!
If so, take this as a call to action. If you desire, I can help you with the process.
Simply put, you can’t give to others that witch you can’t give to yourself, and this includes real love!! I hit a wall.
If you know deep inside that you have lost or never had “That Lovin’ Feeling” for yourself, let’s do something about it!!
I have following a reading that talks to this very subject.
A quick personal note.
I’ve ben asked why I have been so quiet lately!
A lot going on for all of us in this world, and for me, it has caused much positive introspection!
Apart from what is happening around us, like so many others, Dee and I have been going through health issues; the joys of getting older.
Dee recently went through day surgery successfully. I am in the middle of 35 radiation treatments for a serious cancer in my face and am hopeful that this procedure will clear it up.
About 26 years ago I had lost that loving feeling for me, and that’s if I ever had. I did have the ability to hide it well.
I took action that has worked, and willingly coach others today along their own, but similar, path.
It requires a willingness, awareness and action on my part. Are you at the point where your willing to take the action to love yourself??
Loving ourselves
Our fellowship tells us to take care of ourselves first. It tells us that life and our Twelve Step program come before anyone or anything else. But what if we get too self-centered about this? Taking care of ourselves does not mean being selfish or maliciously hurting others to meet our own needs. What it means is that we learn to love and nurture ourselves, because we are important. We are truly closest to ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves, who will?

The famous psychologist Erich Fromm said that if people can love productively, then they can also love themselves; if they can love only others, then they cannot love at all. This means that, to be able to love others, we need the capacity to love and care for ourselves.
Am I learning to love myself?
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