Up early this morning, Did some chores and went down to Lake Weir to watch the sun rise.

Rise it did, but at first it was hidden by a mask of clouds. From behind the mask, it finally did appear with all it’s glory.

Stuck me this is much like life.I knew for many years I had sunshine within. It was well hidden between the mask of mental clouds and inside I felt depression, resentments, fear and anger! I was not walking in the sunshine.Through a series of events, and with a lot of support and coaching, I found the courage to change.The change was transformational, and I stepped into a process of life recovery that continues to this day! I have not forgot the personal clouds!! And I know I am a miracle.Opportunities are there. To find them, most people need guidance, a coach if you like!I’m choosing a great Sunday as part of my journey! Are you ready to learn how to make that choice daily?? Luv”Within our dreams and aspirations, we find our opportunities.”  ~Sue Atchley Ebaugh

Our dreams beckon us to new heights. All that we may need is the courage to move toward them, taking the necessary steps to realize those dreams. Trusting that we will be shown the steps, one at a time, patiently waiting for the right step and right time is all we need to do, today.

Our dreams, when they are for the good of ourselves and others, are invitations from God to spread our wings, to attempt new heights. Those dreams are part of the destiny designed for us. They are not happenstance. Our gifts are unique. Our contributions are ours alone. Our dreams reflect the contributions we are called on to make in this life.

Our opportunities for fulfillment are varied and not always recognized as for our good. Again and again we need to turn to a power greater than us, be patient, and trust that we are being called to offer something very special to those around us. No one of us has escaped a special plan. And everyone of us is inspired in particular ways, with particular talents. Our recovery is clearing the way for us to burst forth with our talents.

I will be grateful for all that I am, for all that I have. And I will remember, what I give today to friends around me is mine only to give.

KEITH BRAY  Master Certified Coach

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