SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT AS WE ENTER MAY!!Hope and patience are two sovereign remedies for all, the surest reposals, the softest cushions to lean on in adversity.~Robert BurtonIt is just as easy to think “I can” as it is to think “I can’t.” Both attitudes are habitual orientations to life that can become automatic with practice. Neither attitude has as much to do with the task at hand as it does with the inner spirit of the person facing the task. In either case, the task is the same—only the attitude is different.But what a difference! The “I can” people are the ones we want to spend time with and to use as models. These are the people who either have never lost, or have worked to regain the positive outlook we are all born with. It never occurs to a baby, for example, that all that staggering and falling means he or she will never learn to walk. Babies grow, move forward, succeed. They haven’t learned to hang back or fear defeat. Knee-jerk negativity is something we can all do without. Let’s backtrack to that time in our lives when all things were possible…because they still are.Today, I will focus on my successes. “I can” is my credo.

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