Meditation is a skill I try to instill in all those I work with.It is really very simple and rewarding!!To many people, when thinking about meditation, think it is chanting monks do on a mountain in some far away place. It can be, BUT IT IS NOT WHAT I PRACTISE OR TEACH!!Want to know more, contact me!!


In our old lives we were busy giving orders, making demands, and directing others. Now we find it is time to try to listen. Prayer is talking to your Higher Power; meditation is listening to your Higher Power. There are as many types of meditation as there are individuals. We find that daily meditation is vital to keeping perspective.

Have I learned to meditate?I pray that I may learn to listen to my Higher Power so that I may be in harmony with the Higher Forces. Today I will listen to my Higher Power by meditating about…Keith Bray MCLC 613 592 0308

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