Mindfulness and Meditation are concepts I incorporate into my own life daily. They are key things I try to impart to people I work with including some professional athletes.If you do not know how to reach a peaceful state of mindfulness or honestly know how to meditate, it is time you learn. It will likely be life changing!Concepts
Mindfulness meditation, in its pure and classic sense, is about finding your true self. It is about waking up to the true nature of the present moment. As you look deeply into yourself and other beings in the world, you will have the opportunity to free yourself from the concepts that you have about everything, including who you are. – Andrew Weiss
Am I willing to look deeply into the concepts I have carried for years and examine them? Am I willing to let go of the concepts I have carried for years and be open to look at everything in a new light without judgment? Am I willing to live in this moment only, free from the past experiences that have influenced my concepts and judgments? Am I willing to give up all the concepts I have believed because others have said they are true and look at my life with my eyes only?

It is so freeing to be willing to let go of all the concepts I have been carrying with me and discover who I am in this very moment.

For him who confesses, shams are over and realities have begun; he has exteriorized his rottenness. If he has not actually got rid of it, he at least no longer smears it over with a hypocritical show of virtue.

~William James KEITH BRAY    Master Certified Coach  http://www.coached2success.com  khbray@rogers.com

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