NEGATIVITY-Heard of it?

NEGATIVITY-Heard of it??
Been lazy or worn out lately! Maybe a bit of both.
A little reading today about negativity.
In working with others, my sole purpose is to help them have the tools to be in a positive mind set most of the time. It starts with feelings about self!
Using the learned tools, we guide clients to achieving goals in their life that have been dreams. Things the client thought could never be achieved.
The coaches of high performing athletes do the same thing in a specific area.
My area of focus is “life” in it’s many complex aspects, including interestingly enough, a couple of professional athletes.
When clients do the prescribed work the get outstanding results.
I do this because I love it, and results say I’m good at it!!
Beautiful day in Ocklawaha inside and out. Really enjoying the laid back atmosphere, almost loving it too much!!
In a negative place too often? Let’s talk!!

Reflection for the Day
For a good part of my life, I saw things mostly in negative terms. Everything was serious, heavy, or just plain awful. Perhaps now I can truly change my attitude, searching out people in recovery who have learned how to live comfortably in the real world—without numbing their brains with mood-altering substances. If things get rough today, can I take a quiet moment and say to myself, as the philosopher Homer once said, “Bear patiently, my heart—for you have suffered heavier things”?
KEITH BRAY Master Certified Coach

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