When I saw the title of today’s reading from Leo Booth, I wondered what the heck it had to do with life recovery.
I’ve thought of a lot of positive words as I’ve been on this journey, but never considered myself “noble”.
In the context Booth refers to as being noble, then it is certainly something I aspire to and I do get a quiet pleasure knowing that by using the gifts given freely to me, I have made a positive difference in the lives of many “others”.
It is one of the joys of the journey!
Looks like rain has now settled in for the next few days. Will cost me a few rounds of golf, but it is truly needed in this area. Think my body can use the break also. Just back from a delightful extended lunch with wonderful friends and enjoying a thankful Thursday. I am truly blessed. I hope you chose to make your Thursday terrific on the inside!! Luv

It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference. -Tom Brokaw

I remember saying some years ago, early in my recovery, that I wanted to be noble. It’s not a word that is used very often, and yet, can you really be a spiritual person-saying yes to Spirit-without wanting to be noble? Noble is being honest, humble, patient, kind, accepting, and respectful. It is the strength discovered in a healthy religion. Nobility is involved in our dance in God. It is beyond price. Money is important. It can bring joy, freedom, and education to many people, but the use of money without the ingredient of nobility is dangerous.
I still want to be noble.
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