TIME TO OPEN EYES, BEGIN JOURNEYI am a guide to the journey. We have ever more perfect eyes in a world in which there is always more to see.~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Today’s quotation could be seen as one of the promises of recovery. When we enter into a program of spiritual and emotional renewal, we choose to become honest with ourselves. In the process, our eyes begin to see more clearly, and we become aware of the many ways we have been dishonest with ourselves. Each new bit of self-honesty builds the base for more insight and an ever-sharper understanding of ourselves and our world. When we started with our decision to be honest, we could never have predicted what we would find down the path.
We first surrender to the truth as we know it, and this clarity about ourselves and the world grows into great insight. The world opens up for us, and we find ever more to see and learn. We feel very alive every moment.
Today, I continue my commitment to see the truth wherever I find it.

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