This short reading came my way this morning and makes a great point.PEOPLE. WE HAVE OPTIONS!I listen to short factual updates on the covid crisis daily. Finally the impact the stay at home, socially isolate, solution is being talked about from  the impact on MENTAL HEALTH.It is obvious!!So many were struggling with self-esteem and addiction issues before the pandemic hit. I had a reason to go out on Friday, drove by a liquor store, and couldn’t help but notice the long line to get in. This was a reminder to me.Health Professionals are now talking about the need to reach out and talk to someone who will listen. too much time on your hands allows the mind to go to some dark places, particularly if depression and other bad mental hygiene practices are in your history.There a many highly trained, knowledgeable coaches out there who are willing to help in this crisis and do their part.It is up to YOU to reach out or make someone you know is struggling aware of the resource. Our pandemic situation is what it is. Use the time to do something positive for yourself. Turn a negative into a life altering positive. Explore your options!! luv



How often do you find yourself in either/or, black/white, now/then, always/never land?

Live in an “and” world.

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