PAIN and COURAGE TO CHANGE”Each of us must find our own willingness.”A good read for those experience pain inside. Once you find the willingness inside of you, a life transformation coach can help you find the path, your “road less traveled” because a good coach has guided hundreds before you!But taking the journey and doing the required work in entirely up to you.As Gilbertson notes, and from personal experience I can attest, “Nobody told me how hard and lonely change is.”I am grateful I had a good guide to help me find my journey, and every day I am thankful for the positive changes that have occurred!I find that many people read my articles that I’m not aware of. I always welcome knowing you’re there and your feedback.My new web site,, is up and running. I appreciate input and sending a referral to those you think may benefit!! luv.

Nobody told me how hard and lonely change is.
  —Joan Gilbertson
Pain, repeatedly experienced, indicates a need for self-assessment, an inventory of our behavior. Honest self-appraisal may well call for change, a change in attitude perhaps, a change in specific behavior in some instances, or maybe a change in direction. We get off the right path occasionally, but go merrily on our way until barriers surface, doors close, and experiences become painful.
Most of us willingly wallow in our pain a while, not because we like it, but because its familiarity offers security. We find some comfort in our pain because at least it holds no surprises.
When our trust in a power greater than ourselves is high, we are more willing to change. And we open ourselves to the indications for movement in a new direction. Each of us must find our own willingness. Each of us must develop attentiveness to the signs that repeatedly invite changes in our behavior. But most of all, each of us has to travel the road to change, singly. Changes we must find the courage to make will never be exactly like someone else’s changes.
Courage to change accompanies faith. My fears are telling me to look within to the spiritual source of strength, ever present but often forgotten. From Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women by Karen Casey © 


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