A bold but true statement. People that are unhappy with their current life are the most reluctant to make positive change. It requires work, courage and action. If your stuck, get a coach to help you make the changes you want and need to make!
A powerful line from the reading below:
“When we are troubled by circumstances in our lives, a change is called for, a change that we must initiate.”
When you think about it, this makes perfectly good sense.
When I hit a point in my life where a need for change was needed, and I procrastinated, I reached out to a coach for help. For my own reasons, some ego based others situational based, I did not want to go public with my issues, and didn’t until the change process was already work in progress.
Only I could do the work and take the action to make big change, but a coach helped me see that things were not hopeless, that change would (and has) pay big dividends, that I was worth it, to help me formulate a plan and challenge and push me as I began to take action.
Many successful people in life today you a coach to guide them in making the improvements they need. You ready?

It only takes one person to change your life – you.
—Ruth Casey
Change is not easy, but it’s absolutely unavoidable. Doors will close. Barriers will surface. Frustrations will mount. Nothing stays the same forever, and it’s such folly to wish otherwise. Growth accompanies positive change; determining to risk the outcome resulting from a changed behavior or attitude will enhance our self-perceptions. We will have moved forward; in every instance our lives will be influenced by making a change that only each of us can make.
We have all dreaded the changes we knew we had to make. Perhaps even now we fear some impending changes. Where might they take us? It’s difficult accepting that the outcome is not ours to control. Only the effort is ours. The solace is that positive changes, which we know are right for us and other people in our lives, are never going to take us astray. In fact, they are necessary for the smooth path just beyond this stumbling block.
When we are troubled by circumstances in our lives, a change is called for, a change that we must initiate. When we reflect on our recent as well as distant past, we will remember that the changes we most dreaded again and again have positively influenced our lives in untold ways.
Change ushers in glad, not bad, tidings.
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