With all that is going on in today’s world, PREJUDICE is a great topic to discuss with yourself while looking in a mirror.
Here are a few thoughts that were shared today.
“The chief cause of human error is to be found in the prejudices picked up in childhood.” Rene Descartes
I have begun to recognize how many of my prejudices were planted in childhood. Family, teachers, clergy, and friends passed prejudices on to me: “The Jews are bad because they killed Jesus.” “Whites are superior to others.” “Women should obey the man of the house.” “Gays are child molesters.” “Sex is for having babies, and you should not enjoy it.” Today I live with the problem of knowing these statements are untrue, but a part of me is still affected by them. My spiritual program demands that I expose prejudice for the hate it is and that I try to pass on to the next generation the joy that comes from love, acceptance, and freedom.

Let Your children, including me, grow in freedom.

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