Some thoughts on a topic that can eat us alive! I know this, because I held on to a couple for far too long, and with a negative impact on MY life.
Think you have some inside of you??
Personally, in dealing with resentments, I did find that I had a role in the situation. I was taking the poison and waiting for the other person to apologise. Wasn’t going to happen. And like Archie, I often plotted revenge.
I look back today, having dealt head on with the issues, and realise the negatives of my behaviour and the negatives were entirely on me. My targets didn’t feel a thing.
As I create a good Friday, I have to go through the day dealing with crap as it occurs and not holding on!!
This is a learned skill and a tool I’m grateful to have. luv

Thought to Ponder

Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

Archie Bunker

What’s wrong with revenge? That’s a perfect way to get even.

Norman Lear

When we are locked within negative, hostile thinking patterns, we go around in mental circles. What seems perfectly rational to us at the time looks misguided and blind when we look back. Carrying a grudge or a desire to get even with someone is a cancer inside us. It belittles us and holds back our spirit.
We break through our mental circles by revealing our anger to others. We talk with other recovering men and let them know the details of our resentments. We listen to their experiences and apply them in our program. As long as we keep our thoughts and feelings to ourselves, we only recycle the same thinking system. When we take the risk and talk to friends, we build bridges that bring in new ideas.
I will not harbor my resentments within myself. I will talk with a trusted friend so I can learn to let them go.
From Touchstones: A Book of Daily Meditations for Men ©