Depression is something very familiar to all of us, and a top of mind topic these days.
Nearly everyone goes through it in one way or another and likely knows someone who really battles it.

In my home, we have an acute awareness of it.
Through life recovery and coaching coupled with medical support, I have learned to manage my own bouts of depression and keep them to a minimum. I do preventive things, and on the odd day that little black clouds hang over me, I have tools I use to limit the impact.


This reading has a little different twist on depression. A comfort- I’ve learned that as long as I am aware, this too shall pass.
Finding the serenity referred to starts by finding a “YOU” that you respect and love; a journey that requires courage, a desire and proper guidance. luv

A Powerful Virtue
I used to think I’d never know the difference between serenity and depression because depression subdued me. —S.
Depression is familiar to us all, and less incapacitating than it used to be. We have made progress – we can be assured. “This too shall pass” is not an empty slogan.
Each of us can recall, with ease probably, a period we thought we’d never survive. Maybe our problem was family-related, or a tough on-the-job situation. Or maybe we felt inadequate and lacking in strength to cope with all situations. But we managed. Here we are today, taking charge of our lives and moving forward in search of serenity.
Serenity no doubt eludes us, again and again, throughout the day. But we can let our minds rest. We can give our thoughts to the wind, and serenity will find us. Serenity’s peace nurtures us, strengthens us to withstand the turmoil ahead. There is always turmoil ahead. Life’s lessons are found there. The irony is that a life with no problems doesn’t offer the opportunities we must have if we are to grow.