SELF-ESTEEM-THE ROOT CAUSEI have yet to work with a client in my coaching practise or in the volunteer work I do where self-esteem at a healthy level.In today’s reading, Booth has some good things to say on the subject. He has walked the transforming path to life recovery and generally has good self-esteem.Recently, we’ve all had more down time than we would like. Have you had cause in these moments to figure out how you really feel about you, or is it something you hide from??A question only you can answer.If there is an issue, there is a proven path that you can take that requires some personal courage and guidance.Low self-esteem is usually the root cause of unhappiness!!


Trust yourself. You know more than you think. – Benjamin Spock

Do I trust myself? Sometimes. The days that I do not trust my judgment, when I’m insecure, are when I am off beam: I’m too tired, I’ve not eaten, I’m stressed, or I’m in a bad mood. Winston Churchill used to call these times “the day of the black dog.” Fortunately, they are not too often. Why? Well, I’m taking better care of myself. I go to bed early. I eat sensibly. I stay around positive people. Because of these simple life exercises I find I’m in a better mood, more optimistic, happier. And my self-esteem has improved. Then I’m able to trust myself, and I realize what Dr. Benjamin Spock has said: I really do know more than I think I do.

My Say Yes to Your Spirit involves trusting myself.

KEITH BRAY  Master Certified Coach

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