To me, this reading touches on the Biggest single factor in your enjoyment of life, SELF Esteem.Read it, reflect on it, and decide if it’s time for a tune-up.From early infancy onward we all incorporate into our lives the message we receive concerning our self-worth, or lack of self-worth, and this sense of value is to be found beneath our actions and feelings as a tangled network of self-perception.~Christina BaldwinLifting our self-esteem is not a particularly easy task for most of us. It’s probable that again and again our confidence wavered before we sought help from coaching. It’s also probable that our confidence still wanes on occasion. The old fears don’t disappear without effort.But each day we can do some one thing that will help us to feel better about ourselves. All it takes is one small act or decision, each day. Coaching can give us the strength we need each day to move forward one step.

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