SELF LOVE Over this period of Covid, I’ve become lax in my writing. Yesterday I had a call from a man I have done some work with. This morning I received the writing below, and together, the two things sparked me. During the conversation and the writing below, I am reminded the the biggest issue faced by those I have had as clients as well as those I have done pro bono work with is SELF LOVE. Those that lack lack SELF Love (low self esteem, bad self image, insecurities and so on) have one thing in common. THEY ARE NOT HAPPY PEOPLE, comfortable in their own skin and serene most of the time. It is an issue many find hard to face, but if allowed to continue leads to depression, possibly addiction, bad relations with others, feeling lonely even in a crowd, and so on. Those who really can relate to this can add more. The question I pose- Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired??If so, let’s talk. Contacts below.

Self-love can seem a confusing maze in which many of us feel lost and hopeless. We hold on tightly to memories of the love we did not receive in the past, using them as a shield to protect us from being vulnerable and hurt again. Our hearts stay closed, although the yearning for deep connection may remain.Self-love asks us to be mindful and hold our own well-being and happiness in positive regard. This is not a narcissistic, selfish perspective, an always aim-to-feel-good state. Rather, it is an honoring of our very being. It is a dynamic appreciation for both our strengths and weaknesses, grounded in the gradual acceptance of who we are as a whole being—with all our unique physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual flavors and flaws. KEITH BRAY  Master Certified Coach

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