I’m sure that you, like us, have heard enough about Covid 19 the last while.It certainly has created a different way of life for most of us, one with a lot of time to reflection, a lot of time spent in your own head space.Some have come to the acceptance that it is time to make major change, but they really have to idea of how to start. They are aware that within there is a voice of personal discomfort.There is a path available to deal with these internal discomforts. It requires courage and asking for help to walk it.At the end of the path is a liberating self realization of who you are and what factors got you to your current state.With guidance, you will have the knowledge to understand you, and you will be guided on a path of life recovery and life transformation.For the first time in your recent life, you will feel comfortable in your own skin.The following reading will offer you some things to think about!Use common sense today, stay safe and make it a great day. Today is the only day you have any control over! luv

Self-realization is not a matter of withdrawal from a corrupt world or narcissistic contemplation of oneself. An individual becomes a person by enjoying the world and contributing to it.

~Francine Klagsbrun

After we admitted our self-destructive patterns and gave them up, there were many days when we said, “Now what? Is that all there is? I need some answers. How should I live? How can I feel whole? How can I feel like a real person?” These questions may feel too painful to answer. These are among the first spiritual questions we encounter in recovery, and we must not hide or escape from them. They are valuable to us, and we need to follow their urgings.

We are asking these questions as if they were new and unique. But through the centuries many people have asked them too. They found answers we can learn from. They tell us to get engaged with life, take time for reflection, learn to enjoy it where we can, and try to make a contribution.KEITH BRAY  Master Certified Coach
Coached to Success​ – Keith Bray, MCLACLife Coaching​

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