So, the Powell quote makes me ask you- have you joyfully accepted yourself? Have you truly got self worth??
As a life recovery coach, I coach (not teach- others to set and achieve THEIR goals and recover a life THEY want.For many that I work with, the start point is to help them find self worth (self respect, self love-what ever you want to call it).
Without it, you cannot truly give love and respect to any one else and it limits every positive change you try to make.
If you can look in a mirror, look deeply into your own eyes an humbly say, with honesty to yourself, “I am looking at a wonderful person” and know it’s accurate, then it’s time for you to do some work on yourself!! I can show you how!
Once you’ve reached that point, you’re ready to take the risks and responsibilities, that are required to get the life you are entitled to and have been searching for!!
Life in Ocklawaha is good, and a lot of that is due to a positive state of mind and contentment with self, To get there and keep it requires hard work and in my case, a life coach.
If you could fix it yourself, you would have done it a long time ago!!!!
“Only people who have joyfully accepted themselves can take all the risks and responsibilities of being themselves.” ~John Powell

If we have ever gone to school with a black eye, we know how embarrassing it can be. We feel self-conscious and ill at ease. Friends come up to us one after another to ask how we got it. We may want to stay away from people until the eye is better.
All of us have things about ourselves we have a hard time accepting. It doesn’t have to be as unusual as a black eye. We may think we’re too big, too little, too slow, not good readers, not good looking enough, or not popular enough.
We may need to talk about these things with someone else, so these bits of ourselves we don’t accept won’t limit our freedom to grow. By talking to another, we may find those traits aren’t noticed by anyone but ourselves. We may also find that what we once thought of as weak points can be turned to strengths.

What weakness can I turn to a strength today?

Master Certified Coach

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