NEVER TRY TO TEACH A PIG TO SING!!!!That quote makes total sense when you reflect upon it. Take a few moments. In my personal and work lives, I am very selective these days as to where I spend my time!I tried unsuccessfully to try and teach many a pig to sing , and have ended up annoying them. Focus Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig. Paul Dickson Say Yes to Your Spirit is not a waste of time. Time is not to be wasted. Time is precious. At a young age, I realized I was not interested in machines. I’m not a practical person. I can change a lightbulb, but that is where my handiwork ends. But I knew I was good with people. I enjoy people, and I can make a connection with most. This awareness has been essential for my life’s work and vocation. What about you? We need to know what talents we have, what we enjoy, what truly interests us, and then focus on developing that passion. Success involves focus and passion. We rarely are successful at the things we don’t enjoy.

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